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SleepyDreams™ Calming Otter

SleepyDreams™ Calming Otter

🤰🏼 Recreate The Calming Sensation Of The Womb

😴 Peaceful, Anxiety-Free Sleep

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Recreate The Calming Sensation Of The Womb

Babies often struggle to adapt to the real world after the comfort of the womb, leading to irritation and disrupted sleep. The Calming Otter mimics the womb's soothing environment, providing a serene experience that eases babies into peaceful, anxiety-free sleep.

Put An End To Sleepless Nights

When your baby rests peacefully through the night, cradled by the gentle rhythms that once soothed them within the womb, you too will find a restful escape into dreamland. The Calming Otter's innovative design offers a tranquil experience for your little one, promoting uninterrupted sleep for both of you.

Ease Anxiety And Stress

Babies often need time to adapt to life outside the womb, and as their heartbeat remains attuned to its rhythm, this can lead to restless nights, tension, and worry.

The Calming Otter provides your infant with the sensations they felt while in the womb, fostering a serene and tranquil state that promotes extended, peaceful sleep.

🔊 Includes features for white noise, gentle snoring, and lullabies.

Soothing Solutions for All Ages!

Our Calming Otter isn't just for kids; it's a versatile relaxation tool designed to bring comfort and tranquility to women of all ages.

Calming Otter offers a range of soothing features tailored to suit your needs. With its gentle vibrations, comforting warmth, and customizable settings, Calming Otter provides a blissful escape from the stresses of daily life, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation for women everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Calming Otter Safe For Babies?

Yes, the Calming Otter is designed with baby safety in mind. It uses soft, hypoallergenic materials, and the heartbeat sounds are set at a gentle volume suitable for infants.

Can The Calming Otter Be Washed?

The plush exterior is designed to be machine washable, only when the interior electronics are removed

What Age Range Is The Calming Otter Suitable For?

The Calming Otter is suitable for any age, many children still use our otters all the way through their childhood and into their teens!

What If My Baby Doesn't Like It?

We are confident your baby will love our otter, the reviews and feedback we got have been amazing but if there's something wrong with the product we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee!