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HydroAqua™ Shower Jet

HydroAqua™ Shower Jet

✅ 200% More Water Pressure

✅ Filters 98% of Bacteria and Harmful Chemicals

✅ Improves Hair and Skin Health

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The HydroAqua™ Shower Jet

This cutting-edge gadget increases water pressure by up to 200 percent while reducing water use by up to 40 percent. It produces intricate and one-of-a-kind spray patterns that massage your skin and improve your bathing experience.


The HydroAqua™ Shower Jet uses Double-Skin Technology to improve your showering experience by projecting high-pressure water via its integrated Turbine, which is visible through its polycarbonate glass casing.


HydroAqua™ creates a creative spray pattern while remaining gentle on your skin by projecting 200 percent greater water pressure through more than 100 tiny laser cut holes.


During a 7-minute shower, the average American uses 15.8 gallons (59.8 liters) of water. While delivering the perfect pressure, HydroAqua™ consumes 40% less water.